What can you do with macadamia oil for hair?

What makes macadamia oil perfect for hair conditioning? Low ability for greasing hair. Great absorption. Diversity of active ingredients. Content of omega-7, which is natural for human skin. Safe UV filter. 100% natural. We can enumerate those properties for a very long time, but it’s better to cut to the chase. How can you use macadamia oil in hair care?

olej-macadamia.jpgThe answer is simple – there are many ways. But let us start with few words on macadamia oil composition. It is rich in vitamin A, B and E, which is natural antioxidant. Beside those, natural macadamia oil consists of many mineral ingredients, phenols and lecithin. But those are not the most important ingredients. Of greatest significance are fatty acids, which are substantial part of macadamia oil composition. Macadamia oil is rich in oleic and palmitoloeic acids. Palmitoloeic acid is more commonly known as omega-7, natural substance of skin and hair. That is why macadamia oil has such a great absorption.

Macadamia oil is used in production of many conditioning cosmetics for hair. It can be easily found in all kinds of serums, conditioners and even shampoos. However, it always is placed among last positions of composition and is rarely found as a base ingredient. For this reason it can (or even should) be used for home made hair cosmetics. Its benefit is natural and matching individual needs, composition and lack of artificial substances. Your lack of skill in mixing semi-finished products is not an issue here, because macadamia oil can be used for enhance of ready products, like your favourite hair conditioner.

The plus of macadamia oil is possibility of its use directly on skin or hair. It is one of the most safe vegetable products for oil treatment. There are no limitations in its use. Macadamia oil can be applied both cold and hot (though it is not recommended to overheat this oil). It doesn’t cause side effects and absorbs great, that is why it can be applied on scalp, entire hair length or just ends. Because of protective properties of macadamia oil it is recommended to rub small amount of oil in dry hair after hair wash to preserve hair style, protect ends and nourish hair.